The Cycle 10/31/2011

The Cycle 10/31/2011

It's Halloween, so insert a cliche about something scary for my intro.


Cain: First Sex Scandal of Cycle

This weeks alleged scandal focuses on the likable Herman Cain. Politico alleges he was accused of sexual harassment by two women while he was head of the National Restaurant Association. The women were paid hush money according to the report. 


CT-SEN: Shays Pitches Electability 

Former Rep. Chris Shays is blaming Linda McMahon for the party's losses in CT-4, CT-5 and the Governor's race. It's a clever expansion of the electability argument, stating his opponent could cost the party future races around the state. Electability is clearly the strongest argument Shays has and he needs to work it from every angle if he wants to win the Republican nomination.

UT-SEN: Matheson Passes On Senate Bid

Democrats had their strongest potential candidate pass on a senate bid. Rep. Jim Matheson hasn't explained his plans for 2012, but he has informed Sen. Orrin Hatch they won't be facing off next year. Utah won't be won by the Democrats in 2012.



FL-11 Castor Picks Up 2nd Challenger

You know the Florida GOP is getting a wee bit over confident when two challengers have filed to run against her: Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe and now ret. Air Colonel Evelio Otero Mike Bennett This deep blue district they would love to contest, but Castor won a twenty point victory last year. This seat remains safely in Democratic hands.

GA-12: Wright McLeod, Third GOP Challenger to John Barrow

The more they merrier against the vulnerable incumbent. Attorney Wright McLeod is a Navy Academy graduate and 20 year Navy veteran. He joins state Rep. Lee Anderson and Businessman Rick Allen as challengers to John Barrow.

IL-13: Hoffman Instead Runs for State House

Congressional majorities are built on the little things. Having highly touted recruits with clear paths to the nomination abandon bids to run for a lower office is a canary in the coal mine. The Democrats have high hopes for defeating Rep. Tim Johnson but you need somebody to beat somebody. Jay Hoffman's decision to drop down to the state house is baffling and indicates he wasn't very confident in his chances.

NV-1: State Sen. Ruben Kihuen Running

The Hispanic legislator has a bright future in a state where the Latino vote is critical to the state's alignment. He's officially running in NV-1and is definitely a rising star in the state party.

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