The Cycle 4/25/2012

The Cycle 4/25/2012

Don't have a ton of time today, so I'm passing on the most critical information of the day in a concise manner.


Tracking Polls

Daily Kos/SEIU: Obama 49, Romney 44

Gallup: Obama 49, Romney 42

Rasmussen: Romney 48, Obama 44

Texas: Romney 50, Obama 43 (PPP)


Crossroads GPS: Spending in 5 Races

Karl Rove's SuperPAC is running $1.2 million worth of ads spread across five states in the coming weeks: MO, MT, ND, NV and VA. *shrug*.

If I were in charge of spending money on ads for a SuperPAC, I'd pass on an effort to run up the score in states like North Dakota. When you expect to win by double digits, what's the point of more spending? Targeting Wisconsin or New Mexico with those ad dollars would be a better use for this money. 

It's important to defend your own turf with spending in Nevada, and I do approve of keeping the pressure on Tester and McCaskill, both of whom will receive a steady barrage of broadsides in the coming months. Virginia, of course, will receive a lot of attention due to the extremely close nature of the race. 

NM-SEN: PPP Shows Heinrich Leading Wilson 48-43

Truthfully, if PPP is only showing Wilson down five, I'll be happy to take it.

PA-SEN: Smith Wins Republican Nomination

The question now becomes whether or not Tom Smith can rally the base and mount a competitive challenge to Sen. Bob Casey. I suspect he has better odds than most give him credit for having.

VA-SEN: Rasmussen Shows Allen Leading by mere point

Welcome to the closest race in the nation.


PA-12, PA-17: Blue Dogs Altmire and Holden Lose Primaries

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