The Cycle 6/12/2012

The Cycle 6/12/2012

HI-SEN: As political campaigns become become more and more flush with cash, the more you will see outside the box spending like this: Linda Lingle is launching her own cable news channel. I find the whole thing a little bizarre, but if Lingle wins in Hawaii expect to see more of this kind of thing in the future.

Nevertheless, a propaganda channel is unsettling to me. Too Orwellian. 

AZ-2, AZ-8 Special: Democrats have been turning out in greater numbers than Republicans for this special election, but the GOP still holds a registration advantage. Neither Ron Barber (D) nor Jesse Kelly (R) have run especially strong campaigns. Election day turnout will be critical in determining the winner of this swing district. 

CO-6: Rep. Mike Coffee is getting a boost from divided opposition. Former Democrat Kathy Polhemus, who founded the non-profit Dress for Success, is running because she feels the party's preferred candidate is a tool of the liberal left.

It's a sign of the times. Even in theoretically competitive districts, infighting threatens their chances of success.

WA-GOV: Attorney General Rob McKenna has locked up the conservative wing of the Democratic Party in Washington State. For the uninitiated, while Washington is a very blue state, Scoop Jackson's legacy has left a state populated with conservadems. These voters could easily cross over for the more moderate McKenna, rather than voting for the liberal Inslee.

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