Live News Updates 8/3/2012

Live News Updates 8/3/2012

12:50 PM PST- NY-18: Another D internal in a congressional race, this one showing freshman Rep. Nan Hayworth leading challenger Sean Maloney 48-45. This is a pretty good scenario for Maloney and, even if you believe his numbers, his odds are no better than 50-50.

12:10 PM PST- FL-SEN: Wow, if you need any proof that Sen. Bill Nelson thinks he's in trouble against Rep. Connie Mack just check out his latest ad: it's one of the nastiest ads of the cycle. I think this hurts Nelson more than it helps him.

11:50 AM PST- Obama: Team Obama just dropped an astronomical 77 million on campaign ads to be aired between now and the general election. Here's a breakdown of Obama's purchases as reported by CNN. This is probably the last major buy Team Obama can afford (he had 97 million cash on hand at the end of the last month).

Colorado: $7,025,120

Florida: $13,355,226

Iowa: $7,315,224

Nevada: $4,939,620

New Hampshire: $4,939,620

North Carolina: $7,647,844

Ohio: $19,533,433

Virginia: $11,582,494

20 million dollars in Ohio tells you all you need to know about the state's importance, while 7.5 million in North Carolina looks like an attempt to make Romney spend money here, rather than winning it.

11:40 AM PST- IN-SEN: Mourdock (R) 42, Donnelly (D) 40 according to Rasmussen.

11: 15 AM PST- Florida: Oh, no he didn't! Romney is launching an ad highlighting his trip to Israel while knocking the Obama administration for refusing to call Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Yeah, I know, the nation's capital is technically Tel Aviv. Nevertheless, the critical Jewish vote could put Romney over the top in a critical swing state.

10:04 AM PST- Green Party: Presidential Candidate Arrested in Philadelphia!!! Well, it's a better headline than: Someone You've Never Heard of Arrested in Publicity Stunt.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein was arrested in a protest of Fannie Mae because she was "sitting in" at an adjacent. 50 supporters, quite possibly the entire Green Party of Pennsylvania, were arrested as well.

The purpose of third party candidates is to pull silly stunts like this to give me a chuckle on a slow news day.

9:56 AM PST- WV-3: Temper your enthusiasm sports fans, Nick Rahall is sitting on a four touchdown lead in his re-election effort against State Del. Rick Snuffer. Rahall probably leaked this internal poll in response to various prognosticators such as the NYTimes, Cook Political Report and Stu Rothenberg rating the race as competitive.

9:40 AM PST- MA-SEN: Sen. Scott Brown's latest ad features an endorsement from another former Democratic mayor Korrie Lukes of Worchester. 

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