The Cycle 8/9/2012

The Cycle 8/9/2012

Iowa: Romney set the record for most money collected at a single event in Iowa, raising a cool 2 million. The money is nice, but it's hardly the story. Obama has been named the favorite here because 1) it's the state that launched Obama to the presidency 2) unemployment is lower than the national average 3) McCain wasn't able to even contest the state.

This single event shows a local GOP motivated to put Iowa into the Romney column. A lot of influential locals were at this shindig and, believe-you-me, these folks aren't going to simply write a check and walk away.

Priorities USA: Apparently, Democrats think the only way to get their guy elected is to call Mitt Romney a murder. Good luck with that.


WI-SEN: Tommy Thompson just won the primary. The 70 year old former governor was asked to back up his claim that he does 100 push ups a day in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He proceeded to knock out 50 in a minute.

I'm calling this a game changer because it is the perfect message for the closing stretch of a bitter primary: "I still have the energy to get things done".


CA-15: Just because it's a race between two Democrats doesn't mean I can't root pull for my favorite candidate: Eric Swalwell. It's not about politics, it's about Pete Stark's completely inappropriate behavior. The latest:

In the latest episode raising questions about the erratic behavior of California’s longest standing Congressman, a former California State Assembly Majority leader said Tuesday that East Bay Democratic Rep. Pete Stark erupted in an angry tirade — questioning his sanity, threatening his livelihood and even vowing to call social workers to check on his kids — after he informed Stark he would endorse his opponent in the November general election.

Vote for Stark or he'll call CPS and make sure you never work in this town again. No, this isn't an isolated incident.

IL-10: Bob Dold is pitch perfect in his first campaign ad.

IL-12: Great pick up opportunity for Republicans in this downstate district. Democrat William Enyart, a retired Maj. General, is unknown to his district and lagging in fundraising. Meanwhile, Jason Plummer, the GOP's 2010 nominee for Lt. Governor, has the advantage in approval and name ID. Plummer's internal polling shows him leading 45-28.

My guess is the DCCC will need to spend close to a million dollars to try to save this seat. This is what happens when you have to scramble to find a candidate at the last minute.

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