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The Cycle 7/11/2012

POTUS American Crossroads: Rove's super PAC has reserved a jaw dropping 40 million dollars worth of ads in 8 battleground states (Florida 10M, Ohio 7M, Virginia 6.5M, North Carolina 4M, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire).  The locations of these buys really take me back to watching Rove dig his heels in and target his […]

The Cycle 4/30/2012

POTUS Tracking Polls Gallup: Obama 47, Romney 46 Rasmussen: Romney 48, Obama 46 Super PAC Spending: American's For Prosperity Hits Obama on Green Energy We can anticipate a steady drip of ads from third party groups throughout the campaign, and this round comes for the Koch bros funded group. The 6.1 million media buy will […]

The Cycle 4/11/2012

Colorado: Obama Appears Safe PPP's latest survey shows a spike for the president over the last few months going from a two point lead to a thirteen point advantage. David Axelrod has to be smiling. After pulling of an impressive victory here in 2008, this is one piece of territory the Democrats don't look like they […]

The Cycle 3/30/2012

Senate AZ-SEN: Bivens Exit Clears Field For Carmona Pressure from national Democrats to give Carmona a clear shot at Rep. Jeff Flake appears to have finally succeeded. Consider me confused by the commotion. Flake is a talented politician with the independent libertarian streak perfectly suited for the frontier mentality of Arizona. He's matched up against […]

The Cycle 2/15/2012

POTUS Obama: Is His Polling Sustainable? Barack Obama is enjoying an uptick in his poll numbers while Republicans squabble for the nomination. The million dollar question is whether or not this represents a change in the race's fundamentals. Time will tell but the longer the GOP's nomination process drags out the better the chances of […]

FL-SEN: Connie Mack Makes Race a Toss Up.

No cycle today. News has been pretty darn slow with the holidays just around corner. While things remain slow, I'll shift the focus of my postings to reflect more in depth analysis of important events. Rasmussen Poll of Like Florida Voters 11/17/2011 Bill Nelson (D): 39 Connie Mack (R): 43 Bill Nelson (D): 39 George […]

The Cycle 11/14/2011

POTUS Obama: Ohio Optimism Warranted? There was a PPP survey released at the beginning of last week showing Barack Obama with a 9 point lead over Mitt Romney in Ohio. Our good friends at DKE are taking this number and dancing in the streets, a reaction a I find quite odd. I'm all for cheering […]

The Cycle: 11/7/2011

POTUS Cain: Accuser Refuses To Go Public The National Restaurant Association is willing to waive the confidentiality clause, allowing Cain's accuser to go public. Her lawyer is saying she doesn't want to "relive" the past. Without specific allegations, this looks like a swear. This should help Cain put the incident behind him. Gingrich: Momentum Builds Newt is […]

The Cycle 11/1/11

POTUS Cain: This Should Be Today's Lead Story Cain leads Perry… in Texas? According to a University of Texas poll, the Texas Governor is struggling in his home state. Cain 28, Perry 27, Paul 12, Romney 9 and Gingrich 8 with no other candidates above 2%. Cain: Scandal Jumps The Shark One of the reasons I […]

The Cycle 10/28/11

POTUS Cain: Viral Video Celebritiy Weighs In Dale Peterson has hopped on the Cain Train. This gives me an excuse to watch his ads for Alabama Ag. Commissioner one more time. We can only hope a viral video is in the works. Obama: Leading in Arizona Behavior Research Center shows the president leading all comers in […]

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