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Show-Me-Shocker: Akin’s Impressive Win

Wasn't Jim Brunner locked in a competitive contest with Sarah Steelman? What the heck happened here? Wasn't Todd Akin an afterthought? Final polls showed Brunner ahead and Akin with momentum, but PPP showed Brunner up by 5 so the narrative of a Brunner victory was forming.  What we have here is a classic murder/suicide. Two […]

The Cycle 7/4/2012

Senate MO-SEN: Claire McCaskil has decided her re-election strategy will be "you know you'll love Obamacare". Probably an unwise strategy in a red state. NE-SEN: The Nebraska Democratic Party is running ads telling voters State Sen. Deb Fischer refuses to raise taxes. Fischer should send them a thank you note. This ad attempts to paint her […]

The Cycle 5/3/2012

POTUS Tracking Polls: Gallup: Romney 46, Obama 45 Rasmussen: Obama 47, Romney 44 SuperPAC's: 4.3 Million Ad Buy In 9 States For Romney Restore Our Future launched this ad to the tune of (Via Politico): Ohio ($501,000), Iowa ($395,000), Virginia ($241,000), Colorado ($299,000), Nevada ($275,000), Florida ($857,000), North Carolina ($652,000), Michigan ($452,00) and New Hampshire […]

The Cycle 4/23/2012

POTUS National Polls Gallup: Obama 47, Romney 44 NBC News/Wall Street Journal: Obama 49, Romney 43 PPP: Obama 49, Romney 46 Rasmussen: Romney 46, Obama 45 The NBC News poll is worth digging into the internals because he holds the most relevant information on the president's approval rating. Voters still give the president a thumbs […]

The Cycle 4/3/2012

Leading Off By the time this publishes, I'll be touching down in Washington DC to spend a week in running around like a kid in a candy store. My plans for the week include: visiting the Holocaust Museum and hanging out on Capitol Hill will staffers. Also on my checklist is to pilgrimage to the […]

The Cycle 3/19/2012

POTUS Mitt Romney: Twenty Delegates Closer to Nomination With Puerto Rico Win Not a surprise, but Romney swept the Puerto Rico primaries by securing over 50% of the primary vote. It will be hard to deny him the nomination when he keeps piling up delegates like this. The AP has him at 521 of the […]

The Cycle 10/26/2011

POTUS Bachmann: Turmoil After N.H. Campaign Team Quits The Minnesota Congresswoman's campaign had degenerated into a civil war since her New Hampshire staff resigned en masse. The departed don't feel they were treated well by her national campaign team and this has been an unfortunate controversy for a candidate struggling in the polls. Cain: Leads […]

The Cycle 10-17-2011

POTUS Huntsman: Campaign's Burning Through Cash Jon Huntsman has spent the majority of the $4.5 million his campaign has raised so far. He only has $327,615 cash on hand remaining. Paul: Touting Pro-life Stances Ron Paul is airing an ad in Iowa highlighting his work as an obstetrician and his belief that protecting libertry begins with […]

The Cycle 9/21/2011

POTUS Gingrich: A Trip Down Memory Lane Remember the Republican Revolution of 1994? Remember the "Contract With America?" Remember Newt Gingrich's role in the Good Ole Days? Newt is hoping to channel nostalgia with another Contract With America and I find myself rolling my eyes. Politicians in crisis usually go back to what has worked […]

MO-SEN: McCaskill’s Numbers Stable

PPP survey of registered Missouri voters Sept. 9-12 (April 28-May 1 in italics) Claire McCaskill (D): 43  45 Sarah Steeleman (R): 42  42 Claire McCaskill (D): 45  46 Todd Akin (R): 43  45 Claire McCaskill (D): 46  47 Jim Brunner (R): 37  41 Lost in all the excitement of yesterday's special elections was a PPP […]

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