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The Cycle 7/11/2012

POTUS American Crossroads: Rove's super PAC has reserved a jaw dropping 40 million dollars worth of ads in 8 battleground states (Florida 10M, Ohio 7M, Virginia 6.5M, North Carolina 4M, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire).  The locations of these buys really take me back to watching Rove dig his heels in and target his […]

The Cycle 4/25/2012

Don't have a ton of time today, so I'm passing on the most critical information of the day in a concise manner. POTUS Tracking Polls Daily Kos/SEIU: Obama 49, Romney 44 Gallup: Obama 49, Romney 42 Rasmussen: Romney 48, Obama 44 Texas: Romney 50, Obama 43 (PPP) Senate Crossroads GPS: Spending in 5 Races Karl […]

The Cycle 4/13/2012

Ann Romney: Dem's Picked A Fight With The Wrong Women When Hilary Rosen knocked Ann Romney for having "never worked a day in her life", she unleashed a firestorm. Ann Romney was working the cable news circuit hitting back. Hard.  The more charismatic Romney was absolutely on fire, praising the roll of mothers in our […]

The Cycle 4/10/2012

Michigan: EPIC Shows Race Narrow Folks who play the stock market use a simple trick to spot trends, find stocks making new highs and new lows. One new high is often, even if their is a brief consolidation period, followed with another higher high. The same holds true with new lows.  Barack Obama set a […]

The Cycle 2/17/2012

Senate NM-SEN: Close Race in New Mexico Rasmussen shows what everyone other than PPP has been showing: Former Rep. Heather Wilson is locked in a tight race against Rep. Martin Heinrich. Wilson was able to hold on for a decade in a difficult district (now represented by Heinrich) so the I'm inclined to believe these […]

The Cycle 10/20/2011

POTUS Perry: Will Support a Flat Tax Wonderful piece from Politico outlining the new Rick Perry we will be seeing in the new few weeks, centered on his new proposal for a flat tax. Perry is going to start referring to himself as the consistent conservative and try to make Romney sound like an inconsistent […]

The Cycle 10-6-2011

POTUS Cain: Surprised by Success? Herman Cain is spending the next two months of his campaign on a book tour. Let me repeat, Herman Cain is spending the next two months on a book tour. This is either the best or worst idea I have ever heard. Nothing says "I'm not a politician" like taking […]

The Cycle 9/28/2008

POTUS Chris Christie: Won't Run For President The governor's brother says the Republican Savior of the Week(TM) will not be running for president. There has been enormous dissatisfaction with the current GOP field and Chris Christie is seen by some as the one man who can unite the party. If he's out, it will be […]

The Cycle 9/12/2011

President Obama: My take on his speech It was a speech which offered very little substance but was delivered well. This is an improvement over most of the presidents recent speeches which have offered very little in the way of substance and haven't been delivered well. Much of the bounce Obama should have received from […]

NM-SEN: Sanchez To Run

The GOP field in New Mexico received another entrant: Lt Governor John Sanchez. Roll Call reports that he will announce tomorrow: Sanchez will face former Rep. Heather Wilson and at least two others in the Republican primary. Wilson, who lost the 2008 Senate primary, reported having more than $280,000 in the bank at the end […]

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