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The Cycle 7/11/2012

POTUS American Crossroads: Rove's super PAC has reserved a jaw dropping 40 million dollars worth of ads in 8 battleground states (Florida 10M, Ohio 7M, Virginia 6.5M, North Carolina 4M, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire).  The locations of these buys really take me back to watching Rove dig his heels in and target his […]

The Cycle 3/15/2012

Senate AZ-SEN: Rasmussen- Advantage Flake Everyone is showing Rep. Jeff Flake with a large lead in the open seat for Arizona and Rasmussen is no exception (47-34 over Ricardo Carmona). I don't expect this one to narrow due to the local Democratic parties lack of interest in Carmona and the other big name in the […]

The Cycle 11/8/2011

No Live Updates Later today, but come the evening Live Election Results in 30 States!!! Dress rehearsal for Election Night 2012!!! POTUS Cain: A Gloria Allred Press Conference is a Cue to Take a Bath Just in case you were wondering where the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal ranks on the official Election Reference sleaze detector: […]

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